Practicing Drummer

E6 - Ronnie Burrage

March 25, 2024 Practicing Drummer Episode 6
Practicing Drummer
E6 - Ronnie Burrage
Show Notes

Recorded March 2024

From performing with Duke Ellington at just nine years old, having his own band with Marcus Miller and Kenny Kirkland, to playing with Sonny Rollins, Pat Metheny, McCoy Tyner, and countless others, Ronnie has had a really impressive career. 

He's currently staying busy teaching, working with his non-profit called World Rhythm Academy, and playing with his band, Holographic Principle. 


The song featured in this episode is Village of the Darned from the album Neohippus by Jack Walrath. 

My blog post that I mentioned at the top of the episode:
A Hearing Test Saved My Life

Practicing Drummer

The drum intro is from Charles Ruggiero's Loop Loft sample pack.

Thank you to Bart over at the Drum History podcast for his advice and help with this podcast.

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